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"Holy pigs in a gimlet! It's bacon vodka!"

The Internet is rife with postings about Meatinis, Bakon Marys and other porky beverages. Tommy Reimer, bar manager at The Piggery in Chicago, is enthusiastic about using Bakon Vodka in its signature bloody mary. "Bacon goes great with everything. We are playing around with a chocolate bacon martini too."

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The 'other white meat' is celebrated in style at the Piggery

"Hmmm. I wonder what kind of food is served at a place called the Piggery?

Pork is king and queen and has commanded its subjects to tables all over Chicago. The Piggery on West Irving Park Road is the latest to jump on the trend train that has barreled its way into Chicago from Iowa and other points west. I kind of like it."

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This flatscreen-laden porcine saloon (distressed wooden floors, high-backed black banquettes...) from the former owner of Evanston’s Lucky Platter’s slinging specialty sauce-laden baby backs, pork-stuffed mushrooms, marinara-kicked meatballs (pork, obviously), and bacon-wrapped, cream cheese-stuffed jalapenos called Firecrackers, which mercifully don't require a trip to Hammond.

urban daddy

Pig's ears at the Purple Pig and salty pork rinds at the Publican: fine, respectable, even wondrous things. Works of art, in fact.

But it's Friday, and you're not hungry for art. You want ribs. Good, old-fashioned, falling-off-the-bone, drenched-in-sweet-sticky-goodness, let's-not-over-think-this ribs.

Zagat:The Piggery Goes "Oink" in Lakeview

The Piggery comes to Lakeview with a passel of porcine proferrings – ribs are a mainstay, and there’s pork featured in every conceivable comfort-food dish (pork pot roast, pulled pork salad), accompanied by plenty of craft beers on tap; the upscale sports-bar setting includes high-tops, reclaimed wood floors and lighting that will still be flattering at 2 AM, its nightly closing time.

The Piggery on Centerstage Chicago

Piggyback ride to where Lakeview and North Center merge and uncover The Piggery: much like your favorite steakhouse with a bar, only with oinkers as the focus. The menu here serves as a Valen-swine's Day card to pig lovers throughout, with choices like pulled pork sandwiches and the "best ribs in town." The site of the restaurant was known locally for ribs, so the folks behind this establishment carried over the tradition.

Piggery Tape